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Ron Packard

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Packard is the CEO and Founder of Pansophic Learning, a global technology based education company. Packard is a well known educator, entrepreneur and visionary as well as the author of the highly regarded and reviewed book Education Transformation. Packard was previously the long time CEO and Founder of K12 Inc. He oversaw the growth of K12 from just an idea to almost one billion in revenue, making it one of the largest education companies in the world. During his tenure, revenue compounded at near 80%. Before K12, Packard was the Vice President of Knowledge Universe and CEO of Knowledge Schools, one of the nation’s largest early childhood education companies. He was also instrumental in the successful investments in Learn Now, Children's School USA, Leapfrog, TEC, and Children's Discovery Center. Packard also worked for McKinsey & Company and for Goldman Sachs in mergers and acquisitions. Packard has received the Education Industry Association's James P. Boyle Entrepreneurial Leadership Award, as well as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the IT Services & Solutions category in Greater Washington. The University of Chicago's Booth School of Business named him a Distinguished Alumni, and he also received an Outstanding Leadership Award from the United States Distance Learning Association. He is Chairman of the Board for Middlebury Interactive Languages, LLC, a member of the K12 Inc. Board of Directors, and sits on the Digital Learning Council. Packard previously served on the Department of Defense's Education Advisory Committee. Packard has been featured on nationwide radio and television shows and magazines, including Bloomberg TV, Forbes, and the Washington Post to name a few. He holds a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley and an M.B.A. from the University of Chicago, both with honors.

Maria Szalay

Chief Operating Officer

Maria Szalay, Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer, brings over 20 years of strategy, operations and development capability to Pansophic Learning. Ms. Szalay joined K¹² in 2000 and was instrumental in growing K1 2 from a pre-revenue startup to a $900 million public company. In this time, she served in a variety of roles including product management, product development, operations, strategy, and corporate development. Prior to joining K¹², Ms. Szalay served as practice director at Operon Partners, an e-business consulting firm. At Operon Partners, Ms. Szalay led consulting teams assisting clients with turnkey eBusiness strategy, product management and business transformation consulting services. She worked directly in client organizations developing business plans to obtain funding, and also assisted with the implementation of online initiatives, with specialized expertise in integrating these solutions with their brick-and-mortar business. Prior to joining Operon Partners, she worked at Telecom New Zealand rolling out the company's Online Solutions business, where she was instrumental not only in developing the online strategy and implementation plan for Telecom Broadband, but also in executing to the implementation plan. Prior to that, Ms. Szalay worked for eight years as a management consultant at KPMG, assisting clients with systems implementations, product marketing and placement initiatives, including new product and service launches. Ms. Szalay started her career at Shearson Lehman. She holds a BS/BA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and an MBA from American University.

  • Ron Packard

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Maria Szalay

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Eric Waller

    Chief Information Officer
  • Westley Alexander

  • Karen Augenstein

    Grade HR Mosaica
  • Kim Barcas

    VP of Design and User Experience
  • Ileana Boatright

    Grade HR Academies and New Schools
  • Adam Boudreaux

    Director of School Technology
  • Martha Burnige

    Executive VP, UK
  • Elisa Butler

    VP of Marketing
  • Laura Caballero

    Grade HR Academies and Mosaics
  • Henry Chiu

    VP of Information Technology
  • Kim Cohagen

  • Trevor Dell

    Program Manager
  • Stephanie Dunbar

    Director of Learning Platforms
  • Shaunithia Duncan

    Grade HR Academies
  • Mike Flora

    VP of Finance - Accel Schools
  • Steve Goetzinger

    SVP Finance & Controller
  • Pat Gryder

    AP Specialist
  • Jaime Harrison

  • Bruce Henson

    National Director of School Partnerships
  • Niaz Hoda

    Director Corporate Support
  • Kathleen Hudson

  • Baba Janneh

    Senior Financial Analyst
  • Sharon Jones

    Grade HR Academies and New Schools
  • Kristen LaMay

  • Shannon Metcalf-Slutman

  • Ana Maria Monteiro

    Senior Accountant
  • Tina Naimyar

    Executive Assistand/Office Manager
  • Anna Olferiev

    Director of Accounting
  • Katherine Ortuno

    AP Specialist
  • Leia Pankovich

    Program Manager
  • Sophia Pizzo

    Grade HR Mosaica
  • Thomas Richardson

    Grade HR Academies and ICAN
  • Emily Schmidt

    Senior Director of Operations
  • Amber White

    Accounting Manager
  • Natalie Revis

  • Christopher Ryan

    General Counsel & SVP, Corporate Development
  • Cindy Soos

    Grade HR ICAN and New Schools
  • Carla Sykes

  • Chris VonEsch

    Manager of Financial Planning
  • Adam Bourdreaux

    Director of IT
  • Chad Carr

    Executive Vice President, Academic Improvement
  • Gina Ciprotti

    PowerSchool Administrator 
  • Eric Dinnel

    Regional Vice President
  • Michael Donelon

    SR IT Specialist
  • Brent Ellebruch

    Systems AdministratorGrade Systems Administrator
  • Courtney Harritt

    Director of Charter School Marketing
  • Joann Hipsher

    Head of School, FAM & Special ED Coordinator
  • Kristen Lamay

    Corporate Accountant 
  • Natalee Long

    Head of School, Cornerstone and Regional Vice President
  • Debroah Mays

    Head of School, CASSA & Regional VP
  • Allen McKune

    Manager of IT
  • Derrick Shelton

    Head of School, CATA and Regional Vice President 
  • Shannon Slutman

    Manager, Grants and Special Projects
  • Diane Smith

    Data Processing Administrator 
  • Erik Thorson

    Head of School, Lorain Prep and Regional VP 
  • Donn Tignanelli

    Executive Vice President 
  • Tiffany Townsend

    IT Field Specialist
  • Julio Alarcon

    Head of School Northwest AcademyGrade 8
  • Willie Banks

    Head of School University Academy
  • Holly Bergman

    Head of School, CPA
  • Alissa Clugh

    Head of School Lincoln Park
  • Arnez Gray

    Head of School Riverside
  • Joann Hipsher

    Head of School, FAM & Special ED Coordinator
  • Shawn Hurt

    Executive Head of School, Inkster Prep
  • Jennifer Hutton

    Head of School, Youngstown Academy of Excellence
  • Michael Jaissle

    Head of School, West Park Academy
  • Debroah Johnson

    Head of School, STEAM Dayton
  • Gary Lane

    Head of School, STEAM Warrensville Heights
  • Natalee Long

    Head of School, Cornerstone and Regional Vice President 
  • Debroah Mays

    Head of School, CASSA & Regional VP
  • Jon Natko

    Head of School, STEAM Warren
  • Martin Ngom

    Head of School, NorthCoast Academy
  • Terri Privette

    Principal, North Metro Flex Academy
  • Vincent Riccardi

    Interim Head of School, STAR of Toledo
  • LaTanya Ridley

    Head of School, Aurora Academy
  • Derrick Shelton

    Head of School, CATA and Regional Vice President 
  • Deirdra Shobe

    Head of School, Broadway Academy
  • Timothy Spencer

    Head of School Chapelside
  • Nehemiah Thomas

    Head of School, East Academy
  • Erik Thorson

    Head of School, Lorain Prep and Regional VP 
  • Kelly Warren

    Elementary Principal, BLRA
  • Rob Wilkinson

    Middle School Principal, BLRA